Books, Food, and Other Commodities

Welcome to Books, Food, and Other Commodities

This blog is dedicated in making quality content for its viewers. There are essays that talk about certain subjects, recipes, reviews for entertainment, short stories written by the blogger, designing new products, selling books, etc. You can find this stuff and more on the BFAOC blog!

Posts To Check Out:


“Jesus on a pogo stick, this book is atrocious”

The bloggers reaction to this 567 page book

“I didn’t know the tooth fairy was asking for PJ donations.”

A joke poking fun at the “Decluttering” advice

“9th grade is 100%, categorically, the worst experience in all of the 4 years of high school.”

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You’ll Find Amazing Content Like…

  • Entertainment Reviews: This includes the best and the worst of entertainment. This could be books (#MNWHTB is a perfect example of this), video games, music, and TV.
  • Recipes: These are recipes that the blogger (Alicia) made herself that is good for anyone who loves cooking/baking.
  • Essays: Posts that talks about the bloggers viewpoints on things that happen in her life or on things that interests her.
  • Books: This is where you can buy e-books or physical copies of books written by Alicia Barton. Right now, a book is currently in progress titled “One Night In Chicago And Other Stories.”
  • Short Stories: Besides books, there is also a category for short stories written by Alicia that will be featured on this blog. These stories range from any genre from horror all the way to fiction.
  • Designing or Fixing Entertainment: Last but not least is designing or fixing entertainment. This category showcases video games, movies, or TV shows that are not good and fix them by using a creative mind. Designing is a similar field, but this focuses on potential video games, movies, or TV shows.

Quotes That Describe The BFAOC Blog:

“Progress Is Impossible Without Change, And Those Who Cannot Change Their Minds Cannot Change Anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

“Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun”

Albert Einstein

“There Is No Robber Worse Than A Bad Book”

Proverb From Picture-Quotes

“Food Is Art And Science. So, You Take Something Out, You Have To Work With The Recipe To Make Sure That You’re Providing Delicious Food With Cleaner Labels.”

Denise Morrison

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way”

George Evans

Other Social Media: (the channel features different content from the blog such as cookers lot/bakers stop, mystery days, nostalgia Fridays/childhood cringe Tuesdays, disturbing compositions, etc.)

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